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Surprise Proposal Photography

Thinking of proposing to your better half? You have come to the right place for anything and everything surprise proposal related. I have been blessed to capture so many life changing moments in photographing surprise proposals. It is a special way to start your engagement off right and share with the world your love story on social media. Friends and Family will all be asking how you proposed so why not make it amazing.

The key to an amazing, total surprise of a proposal is in the planning. It has to be unique to what your personality is like and how you like to spend your time together as a couple. The plan, which I help to create, has to be seamless. The location has to be just right and in a way that feels comfortable to you. Location ideas and photo examples will be provided to you to get the planning started. San Luis Obispo County is perfect for beautiful scenery and is a huge vacation destination for moments just like the ones you see in the pictures. There are plenty of unique options so that your surprise proposal will be exactly how you want it.

When you hire me for this exciting moment, you get my experience on what works well and what doesn’t. You get information about the best time of day for lighting, for traffic and for private spots away from the crowd. You get advice on how to hide the ring beforehand and how to make everything special and exciting for your partner. You get years of knowledge in keeping everything a surprise, how to act beforehand to not give away the surprise and how enjoy every moment.

How do you want your surprise proposal to look and feel? Send me a note below to get started or email me at (805) 550-3916



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