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Surprise Proposals in Pismo Beach CA

Yay! Chances are if you are reading this post you are trying to plan an amazing surprise proposal for “the one.” I’m so happy that you found this page because I specialize in beautiful, unique surprise proposals. With near perfect weather and amazing locations to choose from you have picked the right place here in Pismo Beach. I have put together some ideas and tips to help make your surprise proposal everything you want it to be.

Here is some cool ideas…

Plan a stroll on the beach and have your girlfriends friends and family wait on top of the pier as you walk under it.

Plan a picnic hike and have the ring hidden in her dessert

Plan a brunch cruise in Morro Bay and propose as you sail away

Have a ring hidden while doing an Escape Room activity

Plan a wine tasting day and have a romantic set up waiting at one of the wineries or have a romantic meal planned in a barrel room.

Have a romantic picnic set up with candles, chocolates, champagne and flowers. I offer this service as you can see from the photo above


Tips and Suggestions

Be extremely careful when proposing over any water. If you drop it, even a tiny wave can magically make it disappear.

Don’t tell too many people about your proposal. The more people that know, it raises the chance of being revealed.

Act normal the day of. Don’t be too quiet and don’t act nervous. This is not easy but so important to not spoil the surprise.

Don’t suggest that you both dress up on the day of. This is a dead giveaway.

Plan something heartfelt and unique to say to her before you get on one knee.

Have a blast and enjoy every moment.


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