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Surprise Proposal Photography in Avila Beach

I love shooting pictures in Avila Beach. I have to admit that I get nervous about surprise proposals. Yep, I do worry that the person will say no. If that were to happen…do I still photograph it? What if they back out asking? These are the things photographers worry about, lol.

I didn’t have to worry about that for a second with these sweet love birds. They were here on vacation and decided to go for a walk on the beach. On this day, the weather was so nice that the beach was packed full of people. I only had a picture of the couple to try and find them and I was so happy when I saw them. I use a mega zoom lens and pretend to be a tourist, blending into the background. Sometimes I randomly will go up to someone on the beach to make small talk while I get in place. It’s so much fun to pretend to be doing something else. I’m happy to say that not one of my surprise proposal people knew I was there.

After the surprise, we had time to do a sweet mini engagement session on the part of the beach with fewer people. I purposely edited out other people to add to the romance of the pictures. I care about every detail, especially the light and emotion of the people I am photographing. I want to make each and every client look and feel their best. If you are planning on popping the question, I highly recommend hiring a photographer for a Surprise proposal.  These are the moments you never want to forget and brag to your grandkids about. It makes the moment even more magical. Not sure how to do a successful surprise for your love? I’d love to give you so cool ideas, send me an email.

Avila Beach, CA

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