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Tips on getting great family photos this summer

As a professional family photographer for over 15 years I’ve put together some fun tips on getting great family photos to cherish forever. Some small things to consider can have a huge impact on how the photos turn out.


1. Pick a good time of day for the kids. Even if you pick the most beautiful lighting of the day, a photo can be ruined with just one kiddo in a bad mood. Try to avoid nap times and when you know your child will be hungry.

2. Use a reward system for the kids. You could promise ice cream or pizza after the session if they listen to the directions given. I bring prizes for smiles and funny hats and sunglasses to get their attention. I’ve had clients reward their children with screen time, staying up late or even iTunes credits.

3. Get your Partner on board. Being professionally photographed or just being in front of the camera is not everyone’s cup of tea. I totally get that but remember if an Adult is complaining the kids may join them and then the magic is gone. If photos are important to you, let your Partner know a head of time so it can be a successful event.

pismo beach family portraits

4. Leave cell phones, wallets and bulky pocket items in the car. The bulge will show in the pictures and it is never flattering trust me.

5. Take off the hair ties from the wrists.

6. Match but don’t be identical. Pick 2 main colors for everyone to incorporate their own way with their own style. The family below nailed it with the white, pink and denim theme.

7. I know this is funny to say but try not to stress out about every detail of the photos. Even if a hair or two is out of place that is ok. It’s important to look at a picture and remember what it felt like in the moment and the love you feel as a family together.

Jaydyn Blair Photography portraits

8. Don’t be late. Come to the location a few minutes early so that everyone can adjust and prepare. Lip gloss, a hair brush and a back up outfit are always a great idea.

Jaydyn Blair Photography portraits


9. Have fun! If you are stressed, bored, upset or frustrated it will show in the pictures.

Got any questions for me? I’m happy to help. Please email me at or visit my website and blog with further tips and suggestions. Thank you, Jaydyn (805) 550-3916

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