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Pismo Beach Photography – A Place for Family Photography

Visiting Pismo Beach? Pismo Beach and Shell Beach are amazing for outdoor family photos. This specific spot is in Shell Beach and is usually under water during high tide. 

During low tide, like this session is a really great spot for pictures. On this day, I saw whales, a sea otter and too many pelicans to count. It is a popular spot for kayaking and paddle boarding. Although there is a ton of stairs and large rocks to walk over, it is still my favorite spot for beach portraits.

 I have probably shot at this beach 400 times in the last 10 years and I never get tired of it. During different times of the year it can really feel completely different. In the Winter, the light coming off the water is a bit harsh during certain times of the day. During the Fall, it has a soft relaxed feel. Spring is crisp and Summer is peaceful (except for other people).

I think it is important when doing family portraits to include photos alone with just Mom and Dad. The reason is because the parents started this family and will remain a couple even after the kids grow up and move away. It is all a part of the love story. As you can tell I like to move around a lot for my sessions. I usually have my clients change locations even if it is a few feet away, about every 5 minutes. This gives the client so many cool options and ways to express their personality. I always listen to what is important to my clients and am open to their posing suggestions. I study posing constantly and am always looking to pose my clients in the best and most flattering poses. I can have the best lighting, gear, and composition but that means nothing if you are uncomfortable in the picture or dislike how you were posed. Thank you for checking out my work.

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