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Pismo Beach Margo Dodd Beach Wedding | Wedding Venues Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach is centrally located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, making it a great spot for a destination wedding. Margo Dodd Beach Park is perfect for small, intimate weddings. With great weather year round and amazing views, it is a very popular spot. It is one of the best Wedding Venue Pismo Beach.

An added bonus was everything was so green and lush for this wedding because it rained for a week straight a few days before the wedding. This is also a great spot for whale watching during certain times of the year. It’s a popular spot below for kayaking into the caves if you crave adventure.

Right below Margo Dodd Beach Park is a special, small beach. During high tide, it is completely covered by water so you have to time your visit right. On this day it was high tide so we headed to the beach below Sea Crest Hotel.

Jayson and Brandy had about 25 close friends and family witness their intimate wedding. I was so impressed by Brandy who designed and put together all of her flowers when the ones she ordered were not to her liking.  Guests enjoyed gourmet cupcakes while the family photos were being taken. It was a beautiful, stress-free spring day.

I do have some tips if you decide to have a Pismo beach wedding at this spot. First, bring a coat or sweater. This spot is known for being a bit breezy. Second, have a friend kindly ask tourists to stay to the side during there ceremony. This can be a really busy spot.

Third, keep a really close eye on young kids. It is right on a high cliff and only a rope fence that can easily be climbed over. Fourth, seating is not included so you will have to rent them and it is highly recommended. Wedding pictures look so much better when guests are seated rather than everyone just standing around.


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