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Fun family session in Morro Bay

Morro Bay is a special place for this sweet family photography and it was the only choice for their portrait location. I like to blend posed and playful photo journalistic styles for family portraits on the beach. It can be really hard for younger kids to stay engaged in portraits so a fun thing I like to do is have a silly photo break like the picture right below. For every 10 posed photographs we do 1 silly one and the person who is the silliest gets a prize. I carry a goodie bag full of fun kids toys and snacks. I also like to ask each child if they have an idea for a photo. Sometimes that can be a picture of them doing a cartwheel, or making a funny face or even jumping around. I want each client, young and old, to walk away from my sessions with having a wonderful experience even without knowing what the photos look like.

Each client receives a sneak peek within hours of their session. Then the entire edited collection is available to view on their personal online photo gallery within 5-7 days. Once you approve of all the editing, I then mail you your images on a thumb drive. For a mini session of 30 minutes you receive the 10 images of your choice. With a full 60 minute session you will receive the entire collection on a thumb drive. This is usually between 40-80 images depending on how many photo opportunities I received during the session.

A great photo tip for family sessions: start with the biggest group of people first then move to the smaller groups then move to the individual shots. This helps with wedding family photos as well. When you first start taking photos everyone is ready and happy but the longer it takes the more it can be challenging. If you are not having fun it will show in your pictures.

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