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Inn at the Cove Surprise Proposal, Pismo Beach

Photographing a surprise proposal is so much fun, especially at the beautiful Inn at the Cove Hotel!!!! I brought along my good friend Miranda to make the scenario a little more believable. We both pretended to be looking at something in the water as we got into place. My friend had never come with me before so she was so excited to help out. Minutes before my clients arrived, the tray of champagne and flowers the client arranged for, fell over because it was windy. Miranda ran to get the hotel staff to clean up and I ran to try to salvage what was left. We arranged the flowers in a heart on the ground because it was so windy that a water less vase would not work. Literally 30 seconds before they arrived we just finished cleaning. Never a dull moment being a photographer, that is for sure.

The proposal went wonderful and I was very touched to be a part of this sweet moment of two people that are going to spend the rest of their lives together. The ring is stunning and I mean stunning. The photos do not do it justice. With a ring that beautiful, we had to take several pictures of it after in a cute engagement photo session. The beach bluff and red roses reminded me of the show, The Bachelor so my posing looks similar to what you would see on that show.  It was kind of funny, when I mentioned that to my clients during the session and they both said they love that show. It was meant to be.

The Inn at the Cove is a great hotel located in Pismo Beach, CA. Unfortunately the beach is closed for repair below the hotel but the view is incredible. It is common to see whales, dolphins and sea otters because it is so close to the ocean.

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