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Cambria Pines Lodge Garden Wedding

Oh my goodness, I love this venue for weddings!!! The Cambria Pines Lodge is a great hotel to visit and a romantic garden dream wedding at the same time. Having all your guests at the same location is extremely helpful as well. The garden feels like a secret garden out of a movie or something. The staff is great and the food is my favorite. The Lodge is located off Highway 1 and is minutes from Hearst Castle and about 30 minutes from Ragged Point.

Donald and Tracey did not want to see each other before the wedding and it really worked well doing their portraits with their wedding party on opposite ends of the property. The space is large and there is several gated gardens that are totally private. Donald had the best reaction I have ever photographed when he saw his Bride walk down the aisle. It immediately made friends and family either laugh or cry. I have to admit, I started to tear up myself. It was very romantic and the ceremony was given by dear friends and family who knew them so well.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed appetizers while I got to work with family photos and then bridal party photos. I think it’s important not to rush my clients and that is why planning and the timeline is so important. I’m happy to create or work with you in making a seamless timeline that reflects the best use of time and of natural, soft lighting. I have been to over 150 weddings and I know what worked well and what didn’t. It’s so important to trust your vendors and let them do what they love. I know for myself, when I feel valued and appreciated and have creative freedom, I knock it out of the park with photos.

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