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Vibrant, Romantic Sunset Engagement Session

There’s a locals only spot located near Avila Beach, CA. It has views from Port San Luis Lighthouse to Point Sal in Santa Barbara County. It is called Pirate’s Cove. It is spectacular and worth the effort to get there. There is a nude beach down below that I do not recommend going to but the views here are stunning. This is one of my top 5 spots for engagement photos in golden hour. One hundred years ago and longer, it was a look out for whale fisherman who would communicate by light to find whales. Then the whales were brought to the beach near the Light House and were harvested for food. There is still whale bones sticking out of the beach in the same spot. You can get to it by hiking the PG&E trail by appointment, kayak and by a boat.

Every Engagement Session is different and I appreciate the opportunity to get to know my clients during an engagement session before their big day. It helps us all feel more relaxed and comfortable for your wedding. Some people, myself included, don’t enjoy being photographed and can be awkward.  Once you know my style of doing a session, a wedding day captured in hundreds of images, is comfortable.

Most of my clients make their engagement session a really cool date night after. This is what Rod and Tammy did and they were so relaxed and fun together. Plus there are some great restaurants near by as well. My Favorites are the Custom House in Avila, Dolphin Bay Inn Restaurant, Rose’s Italian Restaurant, Ventana Grill and AJ Spurs.

I’m happy to help my clients find the best hair and make up artists. If you would like to add flowers or even a flower crown, I know some great vendors. The details are some important and really show off your personality and style. Oh, and make sure you bring your beautiful new ring for photos!

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