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San Simeon Beach Elopement

Elopements are so much fun to be a part of. I love the intimacy and select group of love ones present that keeps the event truly about marriage, not just a wedding. Sometimes at big, elaborate weddings you can get caught up in the beautiful details of a wedding but not on the actual couple. I’ve put together some useful tips if you are considering a beach ceremony, like Ryan and LeAnne did for their San Simeon Beach Elopement.


1. Keep the invite list small so you truly have the ones you need there. Of those guests, give them a job so they have a part in your day. Maybe it could be bringing a dish to share at the reception, setting up the arbor, helping with hair and makeup or even officiating.

2. Consider renting an beach house, or cabin somewhere beautiful for everyone. Celebrate the entire weekend together and do fun brunches, and pot luck meals. What about Big Sur, Yosemite or even Big Bear?

3. Do it your way. Don’t like the traditional bouquet toss or unity candle? Skip it, do you the way that feels authentic. Maybe even create your own idea’s like instead of cake do a cinnamon roll bar, ice cream sundae station or a decorate your own cookie table. I could go on and on with desserts.

4. If friends and family aren’t invited to the small ceremony, consider doing a fun reception a few months later. The cool part about this is no one feels left out and you get a second chance to celebrate together. You can also show off your beautiful Elopement day pictures to everyone so that is why it is so important to still hire a photographer. When I photograph an Elopement, I always to try capture what it felt like to be there so that you are transported to that exact feeling just looking at your images. How do you want your elopement to feel? Let me know at


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