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San Luis Obispo Engagement Session

I’m sorry to brag but I get to work with some very cool people, madly in love during the most exciting time in their lives. Marisa and Marco won my booth prize at the Central Coast Bride Wedding Fair in April. I was thrilled to meet 300 couples planning their wedding. Each with unique touches and ideas. I love that two weddings are never the same. Weddings are such a beautiful way to show your personality and couple style. Engagement sessions are a wonderful way to get to know your photographer before the big day. It helps relieve the awkwardness of not feeling comfortable in front of the camera. Plus, as a photographer, it helps me get to know your style and what you like. When I deliver the photos, I get feedback about what you like. Some clients want a bright romantic color while others prefer mostly black and white or a bit moody. I’m happy to deliver what editing style you prefer so you get exactly what you want. The wedding is all about you and photography is such a big part of that.

This beautiful session is from downtown San Luis Obispo. I was surprised to see so much green there was during this hot summer. Shade is always a huge bonus for any location. The cool summer evening made for a great session and was so much fun. If my clients are not having fun in real life, the pictures will reflect that for sure. We had to wait a minute for people to walk by on the bridge but I think it is important not to rush a session. There is plenty of time to get in the right mood and loosen up to have fun. I usually tell clients, the first 10 pictures are just a warm up to help you relax, then the rest will be amazing. Thank you so much for checking out my work. How do you want your engagement session to look?


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