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Live Oak Wedding in Santa Ynez

Live Oak in Santa Ynez is a photographer’s dream so when my client let me know they rented the entire venue, I was over the moon. First of all the trees, the light, the vibe is beautiful. It complemented the BOHO chic theme perfectly. The Bride’s sister decorated everything and she really nailed all the details. I really loved the geode special touches. Scott and Jessica choose their engagement session to be a Knapp’s Castle in Santa Ynez and I really enjoyed their playfulness and energy. When I first saw Live Oak, I knew they picked the best venue for their personalities.

Scott and Jessica choose to have a first look. A first look is when the Bride and Groom privately get to see each other before the wedding and have a special moment before the action really starts. I highly recommend doing it especially if you have time in your wedding timeline. I find that it helps the Bride and Groom to be more relaxed during the ceremony. Once the first look was complete, we arranged for the bridal party portraits. A funny moment was when the Bridemaid’s tried to pick up the groom together and then dropped him. Thank goodness no one got their beautiful clothing dirty.

The heat was around 100 degrees so everyone hung out in their RV’s with the AC blasting until the ceremony was ready to begin. Scott and Jessica met as teenagers and their officiant friend described their beginning as a couple which was really heartwarming as well as funny.  Guests laughed and cried at the couples very loving personal vows. I personally enjoyed their grandparent’s expressions and happy tears during the ceremony.

Once the ceremony was over, it was a big fun party and everyone started to explore the venue grounds and play the games available while having an ice cold beer. I was excited to steal Scott and Jessica away for their couple photos during the best lighting ever I have ever seen.

I loved working with these talented vendors.

Coordination and flowers by:

Lindsey Serna-Ostapiuk

Wild Bride’s Weddings & Events

MUAH: Mia Espinosa

Love Strike Artistry

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