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Family time photo session in Shell Beach

Shell Beach in California is an amazing place for portraits especially for family photos. This specific beach is covered by water during high tide so you really have to time it just right. There is also caves that you can climb through. I love doing that for photo shoots but not with little kids. The funny thing about this spot is that you are likely to get photo bombed by a seal, sea otter and pelican. It has a huge rock that shields my clients on windy days. There is usually at least 3 other photographers doing photo shots here during the summer months. It is perfect for senior portraits, family portraits and engagements.

It is located right under Margo Dodd Beach Park at the end of Pier street. This venue is a popular spot for small, intimate weddings and celebrations. The views are amazing so it’s a good thing there are benches placed at the best viewing spots.

I love taking off my shoes while shooting at the beach and I highly recommend everyone does for portraits. It creates a laid back, California style to the pictures. It also relaxes everyone I find since it’s sensory friendly. The only thing I do not recommend is one person in the group keeping their shoes on. It has to be all or nothing in my opinion to keep the pictures streamlined and clean.

My style of photography is very bright and colorful with clean lines and classic posing. I study posing all the time and I do it sometimes without noticing I’m doing it. It’s funny that I can’t turn off my photography brain. Sometimes when I meet new people and I’m talking to them, I think to myself, how I would photograph them for the best angles and from what focal length. Crazy I know but it really helps me when I meet my clients on location for the first time.

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