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Family portraits on the beach in Shell Beach

Ok…. so how cute is this family? Like seriously, this two year old dresses better than me and everyone I know. A beautiful family at one of the best beaches in San Luis Obispo County. This location is at the end of Pier Street in Shell Beach. The beach is completely underwater during high tide so timing is critical. It does require you to walk over rocks to get to the good spots. I’ve put together some helpful tips for having a great family session,

#1 If you have small children, plan the session for AFTER nap time. A tired child does not care if the lighting is perfect or a professional photographer has been hired. They simply will not have any of it and that is ok. Plan ahead. Tell your photographer what time of day works best for your family. A true professional can work is difficult lighting.

#2 Keep it simple. Plan on one outfit for each child but bring a back up one just in case they get dirty.

#3 Have realistic expectations. Let’s say you have envisioned a beautiful, traditional posed photograph with all your kids but one child isn’t into it. Instead of giving up, let your photographer get some fun candids of your child playing for natural, real smiles. You may even love that picture more because it is authentic, real happiness and unexpected.

#4 Don’t overthink it. Yes, we all want what we see on Pinterest (myself included) but putting to much pressure usually backfires. My very best family sessions are the ones where I have complete creative freedom and can do what I do best. I never rush my clients or my creativity and when I find what works for your child, it will pay off in the pictures.

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