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Family Portraits don’t have to be boring – Pismo Beach CA

As a photographer, I want to shoot natural smiles. Very few people feel totally comfortable with a camera following them. I help each client to feel relaxed and in a good mood to get great shots. I like to combine traditional posed shots that are expected but also some silly ones and some action shots. A smile that is natural and organic is always going to be better than simply being told to “Say Cheese.”

I bring a goody bag to each family portrait with kids. I even have a goody bag for pets that want to be in the pictures. This gives each child an incentive to play around for a bit. I wear silly, oversized sunglasses and fun things to get everyone’s attention and keep the vibe fun. Babies love the attachable stuffed animals I put on my camera. My day is made if I can get a baby to laugh. Sometimes I am so silly that the parents laugh as well. People watching my sessions must think I’m crazy but I always get the shot. Sometimes I will get in the water for beach sessions to totally be a part of the action. It’s a lot of fun to be a portrait photographer.


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