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A summer evening Engagement session in Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach Pier & Pirate Cove, Avila Beach


I feel so blessed to live and work in such a beautiful area. So many people travel to the Central Coast for their vacations and for the adventure. There is just something so special and calm about this location in Shell Beach called Pirates Cove. The beach in Pismo Beach is also a great place for portraits but can be really tricky when the beach is full. Pirates Cove has a stunning views that range from the Port San Luis Lighthouse all the way to Point Sal in Santa Barbara County. This location is still pretty hidden from tourists and can be difficult to find.

When I do an Engagement session my priority is always the light. I prefer to start shooting 90 minutes from the last minute of light. This gives the photos a good range and can really tell a story the evening. My second priority is finding the most flattering why to photograph my clients. In my early years in photography, a teacher told me to find the better side of someones face and highlight it. I remember laughing at him and saying that all faces are symmetrical so why would it matter. Well, I was wrong. I’ve honed my skill to look at a person to see what angles will be the most flattering and what poses will give them the look they want. There is so many ideas running through my head during my photo sessions. I sometimes cannot turn that off and when I look at something in my daily life, I visualize how I would photograph it to really make the picture pop.

Here are two sweet love birds, Chris and Amanda, that needed very little direction because they are passionately in love and completely made for each other. Their style was happy and relaxed and that is my perfect client any day.  What is your style? let me know on the contact form below.


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